“Commitment to society”

Bridge between
academia and the world of work

The LEARNING TOGETHER project has helped many students to start their professional career with us. We are one of the largest recipients of placement students, many of them are now part of our family of employees.

Learning together

Disadvantaged groups

Different capacities, different groups.
Charity campaigns

Because there are different realities all around us. Red Cross, Fundación Personas, Fundación Raíces, Fundación Cauce….Why not help!

Colectivos desfavorecidos


“Our people”

Because we know that people are our most important pillar

We take care of all aspects that concern them, so that not only is it our aspiration to become the best place to work but also “the best place to be”

The best place to be


Family contingency arrangements
Offices for immediate action

Because when you are with us we want you to set aside other concerns, so we have put in place mechanisms for dealing with personal-family situations: playgroups, legal advice, working time organised for a work-life balance, etc.


Sports day
get together

Because “mens sana in corpore sano”! Health and sport are two vital aspects which go hand in hand. There is no better way to spend a day together than through sport! Every year we organize a family activity in which leisure and healthy living take on the starring roles.



Health surveillance.
A valuable extra.

We extend our regular monitoring health protocol to all our collaborators by providing access to specific tests for early detection of serious diseases and access to a second medical opinion.



“Commitment to the environment”

Because we have an obligation to society and ourselves

At Grupo Ibersnacks we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment, considering it as an obligation to society and ourselves.


Natural ingredients

Sustainable management of raw materials

Ongoing commitment to incorporating natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the earth and the environment.

Ingredientes naturales

Good Farming Practices protocol

We work with our farmers to get the best 100% natural potatoes and corn.
We have a Good Farming Practices Protocol, minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of normal farming activities, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring responsible actions regarding employee health and safety.

Good Farming Practices


Environmental management

We maintain a strict commitment to respecting the environment as well as compliance with environmental regulations, we comply with other requirements endorsed in Norma ISO 14001.


Sustainable use of resources

Committed to continuous improvement of environmental performance, focusing on waste minimization and management.

Waste management

Sustainable forest management

Environmentally responsible

We support responsible forest management.
We work so that our suppliers may have FSC certification for the chain of custody and so that our packaging materials are environmentally responsible.

Gestión forestal sostenible